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BEST INTERNET RADIO OF THE YEAR presented to rebecca denise Tejanos best

Que se oigan los Gritos, Chiflos Y Aplausos!! What a Great Award to receive!! Best Internet Radio of The Year!! Congrats to our very own REBECCA DENISE receiving this award from The 4th ANNUAL ALL STAR MUSIC AWARDS on May 30th, 2022 at the Historic Arneson River Theater in San Antonio, TX. THANK YOU to Everyone who voted! This is TejanosBest 2nd time on the nominated list. Congrats to all the 2022 Winners!! Rebecca has been volunteering her time for the love of Tejano music & having some fun work ahead of her like going out & about to the Texas Tejano events & club's sharing her LIVE videos of Bands & Interviews with Tejano Artists to her FaceBook Follower's. She has done her best on getting herself out there sharing & spreading it all on social media not to mention doing her Dj Show's on Sunday's 12 P.M.-3P.M.Cst. since she started with us here at You can catch her show's now on Monday nites 7P.M.-9P.M. It's a hard & lonely industry at time's especially for women, but that hasn't stopped her from doing what she love's to do like being a part of the Tejano industry for these past year's Keeping Tejano Alive.

We Lift our Cold 1's Up

CHEER'S to YOU REBECCA DENISE on behalf of the TejanosBest Crew we know it take's allot to do what your doing & we appreciate YOU. Giving your all as we all do our part to continue to KEEP TEJANO ALIVE for all our Tejano Lovers. Also would like to Thank Mr. Tommy Gunnz Winner for Best Photographer who has shared his photos of Bands & Artists to his social media's & has helped out Rebecca Denise & Munchos Thank you's to our Dj's who volunteer their time to do their shows putting their mixes on the 1's & 2's for us to enjoy the sounds of La Onda online. Catch our Dj's show times Monday though Sunday on #1 FOR LA ONDA! TesZiRo

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